Reasons Why You Should Choose A Career In Medicine

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Tim Reynolds, M.D.

Students pursue medicine for a number of reasons, ranging from a personal calling to job security. Even though everyone’s motives are different, numerous practical considerations can make medicine an appealing career choice. This is a profession that would not only benefit society but will also earn you respect. The financial rewards may not be equal to those of other occupations, but the profession has inherent stability because it is less prone to a downturn than many others.

Tim Reynolds, M.D.


People seek stability and fulfillment in their lives, and medicine is one of the best ways to attain this. This is a vast and diversified field in which one can never stop learning. The basic medical degree (MBBS) is only the first step in gaining skills for a medical career to serve the public good.

The 5.5-year bachelor’s degree in medicine (MBBS + 1 year of internship) can open up a whole new world of opportunities for you. Some graduates choose to practice medicine after 5.5 years of education, while others choose to pursue further specializations such as surgery, dermatology, medicine, etc. Aside from being a doctor, one can also pursue a career in medical research or become a medical scientist.


There is also a possibility of starting a consulting business for various health-related programs. Leaders of pharmaceutical companies are increasingly choosing to pursue a degree in medical sciences to advance their careers. You are on a never-ending learning curve in this area. You must adjust to fresh new inventive concepts and equipment due to the constant advancement and improvement in technology. In addition, dealing with patients regularly improves your empathy for others, which adds value to your medical practice.

Pursuing a career

This field is for those who enjoy putting themselves to the test daily. To develop a career in medicine, one must have good decision-making abilities. A medical practitioner’s job requires real-time thinking and the proper application of knowledge; one minor error can significantly impact someone’s life. Compassion for people, a robust belief system, and a desire to make a positive difference are the driving elements behind success in medicine.

With perseverance and uttermost dedication, one can hope to reach the global stage in this sector. Wearing a white coat entails a significant amount of duty, including the responsibility of improving people’s lives. Only a doctor can completely comprehend the thrill of saving a patient’s life when they are in the grips of a life-threatening condition. Your discovery of an antidote could save millions of lives all around the world. This extraordinary joy and satisfaction motivate many people to pursue medicine as a career.

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