Tim Reynolds, M.D.

Tim Reynolds, M.D. – Founder of Living Every Minute™

Tim Reynolds, M.D.

After graduating with a degree in MD from the University of Utah School of Medicine, Tim Reynolds, M.D. completed his Emergency residency at Texas A&M Scott and White in 1996 and got board-certified in emergency medicine.

It was after the completion of his education that he dedicated his work and life towards the betterment of other people and has been doing so for a lot of time now. One of his first achievements is that he became a Managing Partner of HealthCARE Express, which currently owns and operates clinics in four major states.

This particular venture aims at providing the best medical and customer service to all its patients.

Furthermore, Tim Reynolds, M.D. became a Chairman of the board of Medical Practice Success which hopes to help people grow and flourish their business through useful tips and tricks.

Currently, Tim Reynolds, M.D. also owns Living Every Minute, which motivates people to enjoy their lives mentoring, life building, inspirational talks, and writing motivational blogs.


Tim Reynolds, M.D. would like to provide consultation in the following areas:

  • Mentoring youngsters
  • Career Development
  • Life Building
  • Health Care


Tim Reynolds, M.D. would like to speak at your upcoming conferences on the subjects of health care and life building.